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June 14, 2018, 11:05 AM

An Open Letter to The SBC- Thomas Fortner, Pastor FBC Mill Creek, OK


From Thomas Fortner, Pastor

First Baptist Church, Mills, Creek, Oklahoma


An Open Letter To the SBC-  RE: the SBC18 Convention in Dallas, vote on Wednesday, June 13 at 2:45 pm. Concerning the motion to immediately  remove the Executive Committe of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from their trustteship for not proceeding in a Biblical, Christlike manner. This motion was made by Dr. Thomas Hatley, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Global Outreach Center in Rogers, Arkansas.  (Dr. Thomas Hatley's case against the Executive Board's Decision can be found in a previous open letter here: 

Thomas Hatley An Open Letter



Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention, 

Thomas Hatley, pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church, Rogers, AR, made a

motion to remove all the officers of the trustee board. One of the
trustees who is not an officer spoke in favor because the entire board
made Dr. Patterson president emeritus. Five days later the officers had
a secret meeting and fired Dr. Patterson. That constituted a violation
of trust among the trustees, requiring the convention to act. Bart
Barbour, pastor of First Baptist, Farmersville, TX is an officer and was
allowed to step in front of me and abuse the "point of order" procedure.
He used his abuse to berate Dr. Patterson for 10 minutes. Dr. Hatley's
motion was voted down after Barbour's tirade.

Since we can no longer expect the convention to treat the trustees like
trustees, we must assume they are allowed to act like regents, similar
to those who rule the Baylor kingdom. My question is, "Where do we go
from here?"

Just as the Baptist Union censored and expelled Spurgeon,
the SBC has now censored and expelled Dr. Patterson. After listening to
3 days of #METOO, social justice, racial and gender equality and
reconciliation, liberation theology, Trump hate and white guilt, I think
somehow I stumbled into the Democratic National Convention, not the
Southern Baptist Convention. Is there any part of Southern Baptist life
that is not distorted by the radical left's political agenda? Can we
trust our Sunday School material from Lifeway? Only time will tell.

Serving th e Savior,


Thomas S. Fortner

Mill Creek, Oklahoma

“/but we preach Christ crucified ...”/

1 Corinthians 1:23

/Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda secundum verbum Dei/



May 31, 2018, 8:29 PM

The Untold Story of Paige Patterson

This is the story of Sharayah Colter, who is a writer, mom, and is at Soutwestern.   

This is minus orginal documents.  Those can be found on the pdf at the Info Center.  


The untold truth: Facts surrounding Paige Patterson and his removal from SWBTS By Sharayah Colter




The first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.” – Proverbs 18:17 (NASB)


When I received news that Paige Patterson had been fired from his role as president emeritus, I was standing under a sunny sky listening to my toddler son squealing with pure delight as he chased his dog around my legs. It struck me how oblivious he was to the sobering news, and I felt the weight of the realization that the history we write today is the future he lives tomorrow. In the spirit of writing a truthful history, I’d like to offer a more complete picture of what has transpired over the past month in regard to Patterson and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I believe we are all better served operating with the truth, and since I am aware of these truths, I feel I need to share them.

The first fact I’d like to offer in full disclosure is that I have had a front row seat to observing Paige Patterson during my time at Southwestern as a student and most recently as wife to his chief of staff, Scott Colter. I have been in his home, ridden in his car, passed him on the sidewalk, been a student in his class, sat through his chapel sermons, emailed with him and shared meals with him. I’ve observed him in large groups and small family gatherings.

Second, I want to be clear that I have compiled this account of the truth completely of my own volition. Paige and Dorothy Patterson have not asked me to write on behalf of or in defense of them, and my words are my own.

Third, the fact is, Southern Baptists deserve to know the whole story. Thus far you’ve heard one side of it, and that is because Patterson holds the conviction not to defend himself personally, following the example of Christ. However, this story has spiraled out of control to a point that demands a balanced and truthful response. The facts below will characterize a man who — while a sinner with feet of clay like each us — is not guilty of all of which he has been accused in recent days.

Please allow me to address the accusations against him here.

Accusation # 1: Patterson encouraged a female Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary student not to report an alleged rape to police.

This accusation was outlined in a Washington Post article published May 22 while the trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) were meeting. In the article, a student who in a Tweet later identified herself as Megan Lively (Megan Nichols during her time at Southeastern), alleges that Patterson met with her along with four male seminarians and encouraged her not to report the alleged rape to police. The article states that she was placed on probation but that she did not know why.

Truth: Patterson says he does not recall meeting with Lively, which appears in keeping with a letter Lively sent to Patterson dated April 15, 2003 (see attached letter and response).


“Finally, thank you for the accountability and for putting me on probation. Even though Dr. Moseley has handled this, I think it is great that the school enforces discipline,” Lively wrote in the letter. “At first, I was humiliated and embarrassed. But I know now this is from my own actions and the consequences of those.”

In the letter, Lively apologized and admitted what she recalled then as sin.

“I just wanted to write you and first of all apologize,” Lively wrote in the April 15 letter. “I know that you have been made aware of the sin that was in my life. While I have confessed this to the Lord, repented and sought accountability in my own life, I feel that I have disgraced the school.”

In July 2003, Lively sent a handwritten notecard to Patterson again offering her gratitude and appreciation to him (see attached notecard and response).

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the difference you have made in the life of our seminary and in my personal life,” Lively wrote in the notecard. “We will be praying for you and support you 100 percent. The faculty and students at Southwestern have no idea how blessed they are to have you as their new president.”

If a rape had indeed been alleged in 2003, and Patterson had known about it, he would have reported it to authorities, as he demonstrated in a different scenario involving a Southwestern Seminary student when he called police even when the student asked him not to do so.

This brings me to the second accusation against Patterson.

Accusation # 2: Patterson did not handle appropriately an alleged case of sexual assault against a SWBTS student.

Truth: Patterson immediately called police in response to a female student claiming she had been raped. The accused man admitted to having sexual relations with the woman, but said it was consensual. The man also produced evidence to the police to that effect.

Southwestern’s chief of police can confirm that the Fort Worth Police Department was called and responded. Patterson expelled the male student accused of rape. However, because the female student refused to press charges, Patterson had done all he could by calling the police, expelling the student and encouraging the woman multiple times to press charges.

“I personally sat in a meeting with Dr. Patterson and this female student and two of her family members,” Finch recalled. “Dr. Patterson opened and closed the meeting with prayer for this young lady. He encouraged her in my presence to press criminal charges against the young man, but she said she wanted to think and pray about it more.”

Finch said to her knowledge the woman has not pressed charges to date.

Accusation # 3: Patterson says an abused wife should return to an abusive husband.


Truth: Fifty-four years ago, a woman in Patterson’s church told him she was feeling spiritually abused because her husband would not let her go to church or tithe. After the woman emphatically assured Patterson her husband had never hurt her physically and would never hurt her, Patterson advised her to go home and pray for her husband. Surprisingly to the woman, the husband did hurt her. They both came to church, and the man was saved, about which Patterson said he was happy. Contrary to the narrative spun through social media, Patterson was not happy the woman was hurt. Patterson has apologized for not expressing himself clearly in the retelling of this story giving the impression he condones abuse. As one who has risked his life to remove wives from domestic violence, nothing could be further from the truth.

Many Southern Baptist leaders have condemned Patterson by explaining their stance on abuse and setting it up in juxtaposition to Patterson’s portrayed beliefs. Patterson has offered multiple statements clarifying his stance on abuse.

“I utterly reject any form of abuse in demeaning or threatening talk, in physical blows, or in forced sexual acts,” Patterson stated in “An Apology to God’s People,” posted on Southwestern’s website on May 10, 2018. “There is no excuse for anyone to use intemperate language or to attempt to injure another person.”

For Patterson, those are not just hollow words; they are strong beliefs which he has demonstrated by physically removing women from abusive husbands on more than one occasion.

“I was the one being hit and Dr. Patterson never suggested to ‘stick around and get smacked.’” tweeted Angie Brock on May 4. “What he did was bring the authorities, remove my violent husband and encourage me in the Word. Not recommending divorce does not mean approval of abuse.”

Accusation # 4: Patterson objectified a 16-year-old girl in conversation with a woman and her son.

Truth: Patterson, upon hearing a teenage boy say to his friend that a girl passing by was “built,” commented to the boy’s mother that the boy was just being biblical, meaning that he was using the same language the Bible uses to describe Eve in the creation account. In the retelling of this story during a sermon illustration while preaching on Genesis 2, Patterson said that the “young co-ed” who had passed by the boys, was “nice.”


Patterson has issued a statement saying he regrets any hurt his words have caused.

“[A] sermon illustration used to try to explain a Hebrew word (Heb. banah “build or construct,” Gen. 2:22) [has] obviously been hurtful to women in several possible ways,” Patterson said in his May 10 statement “An Apology to God’s People.” “I wish to apologize to every woman who has been wounded by anything I have said that was inappropriate or that lacked clarity. We live in a world of hurt and sorrow, and the last thing that I need to do is add to anyone’s heartache. Please forgive the failure to be as thoughtful and careful in my extemporaneous expression as I should have been.”

Accusation # 5: Patterson fired student employee Nathan Montgomery in retaliation for Tweeting an article calling for his retirement.

Truth: When Montgomery’s Tweet was shown to Patterson, he instructed that the employee not be fired. Vice President of Communications Charles Patrick, however, had already fired Montgomery.

The matter was taken out of Patterson’s hands when Montgomery appealed directly to the board of trustees instead of appealing to Patterson.

Remaining truths


The last few remaining truths that Southern Baptists should know is the way in which the Southwestern board of trustees has handled the social media crisis and ensuing termination of Patterson. While many godly men and women comprise the board of trustees, the manner in which the matter was handled was disappointing at best, especially in light of the many bylaw infractions and violations of trustee confidentiality.

Trustee violations

The executive committee of the board of trustees worked outside the bounds of its bylaws by not giving the required 10-day notice before holding meetings.

Trustee confidentiality was violated by the release of information from the executive session of the board’s May 22 meeting to people outside the room and not on the board during the 13-hour meeting. Confidential seminary information which was only shared with the trustees appeared both on Twitter (@eyesonSBC) and in a blog.

May 22, 2018 meeting of the board of trustees


Despite the fact that Patterson requested the meeting to have a hearing from the full board, only a fraction of the time was allotted by the trustees for him to address the group. His time was limited and he was only allowed to answer specific questions posed by the board. On the second brief occasion when he was summoned to speak to the board, he was not allowed to bring his cabinet with him, as he desired.

Then, after waiting into the wee hours of the morning while the board met in executive session and upon offering Patterson the position of president emeritus, Patterson returned to a side room down the hall from the trustees’ meeting room to discuss the board’s solution with his cabinet. After about 20 minutes, when Patterson was nearly ready to return to the board’s meeting room in reply, a Southwestern employee noticed the trustees were returning to open session and rushed down the hall to let Patterson and his cabinet know so that they could return to the meeting.

I personally walked down the hall to hear what the board would announce in open session, since they had not waited for Patterson to return. When I arrived at the room, trustees and media were pouring out, having already ended the meeting after only a couple of minutes, if that, in open session. I had to ask a reporter what the board had announced and then returned immediately to deliver the news to Patterson that they had removed him as president and named him president emeritus.

May 30, 2018 action of the executive committee of the board of trustees

After midnight in Germany, while Patterson was sleeping, the chairman of the board of trustees, Kevin Ueckert, ordered Scott Colter to wake Patterson for a phone call. On the call, Ueckert told Patterson he was fired effective immediately, with no salary, no health insurance and no home. He then relayed that Patterson would receive instructions for vacating Pecan Manor upon returning to Fort Worth.

Before the phone call, both Pattersons’ and Colter’s email accounts, including personal contacts and calendar, were shut down without notice and while the three were traveling in Germany on behalf of Southwestern, leaving them without access to itineraries, train tickets, local contact information, hotel confirmation and flight boarding passes.

Also at some point before the phone call, the locks were changed without notice to the room on Southwestern’s campus housing Patterson’s private and personal archives containing ministry materials and documents from Criswell College and the Conservative Resurgence. No notice was given, and the Pattersons had no knowledge that this was being done and had not given permission for such. Despite accusations that the archives were mishandled, the attached correspondence from 2004 from Patterson to Southeastern’s librarian and president indicate he believes all was handled properly.

It is regrettable that the trustees did not contact Patterson during their May 30 executive committee meeting to hear any explanation of these accusations before his immediate termination. I wish to reiterate that the purpose of sharing the details of what has transpired over the past month is the hope that Southern Baptists, who own Southwestern Seminary and control its work, have a fuller picture of what actually occurred.

So why was Paige Patterson actually terminated? Was it for …

– encouraging a female student not to report to police an alleged rape at Southeastern? —We now know that he does not recall meeting with her and that she thanked him and sang his praises.

– not handling appropriately an alleged case of sexual assault against a SWBTS student? — We now know that he called the police, urged the woman to press charges and expelled the male student.

– telling an abused wife to return to an abusive husband? — We now know the wife assured him that her husband had not and would never physically harm her.


– telling an abused wife to return to an abusive husband? — We now know the wife assured him that her husband had not and would never physically harm her.

– objectified a 16-year-old girl in conversation with a woman and her son? — We now know Patterson has apologized for using a sermon illustration that misconstrued his heart and beliefs.

– fired student employee Nathan Montgomery? — We now know Patterson did not fire Montgomery and instructed that he not be fired.

We serve a God of truth. I have written in the spirit of that truth, and I pray you will receive it in that spirit as well.

Carroll instructed Scarborough, “Lee, keep the Seminary lashed to the cross. If heresy ever comes in the teaching, take it to the faculty. If they will not hear you and take prompt action, take it to the trustees of the Seminary. If they will not hear you, take it to the Convention that appoints the Board of Trustees, and if they will not hear you, take it to the great common people of our churches. You will not fail to get a hearing then.”

– B.H. Carroll – Founder of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary






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May 15, 2018, 10:52 AM

The Apostacy of Social Justice Christians


This is an article that was orginially on WND.  I have copied and pasted it in it's entirety without modification.   Erick Rush is a black beliver in Jesus Christ.  

Here is the infomration about him on WND:

Erik Rush is a columnist and author of sociopolitical fare. His latest book is "Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal - America's Racial Obsession." In 2007, he was the first to give national attention to the story of Sen. Barack Obama's ties to militant Chicago preacher Rev. Jeremiah Wright, initiating a media feeding frenzy. Erik has appeared on Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes," CNN, and is a veteran of numerous radio appearances.

The apostasy of 'social justice Christians'

Posted By Erik Rush On 05/20/2010 @ 12:00 am In Commentary | Comments Disabled

Revelations concerning people who call themselves “social justice Christians” have recently become a cause célèbre among conservative commentators. Initially, I was disinclined to tackle the subject, since there have been several worthwhile articles and programs addressing it as of late; however, since the phenomenon so closely resembles another upon which I have expounded with regularity, I reasoned that some elucidation thereupon would be accommodating to civic-minded Americans.

“Social justice Christians” are those who profess Christianity, but who adhere to politically entrenched concepts of equality and redistribution of wealth. These ideas are ostensibly rooted in their faith, but in truth, they have been incrementally and insidiously insinuated into many American churches by Marxists, progressive politicians and pastors whose religion has been tainted by the aforementioned parties.

How can this be? Well, through the misrepresentation of Gospel messages in the areas of charity and egalitarianism, such Christians have been led to believe that:

  • government has a right to enforce religious doctrines (such as those of charity and egalitarianism), and


  • Jesus Christ, as a threat to the existing paradigm, was the “first radical” and essentially commanded this in His teachings.

A preposterous extrapolation, to be sure, but that’s what they espouse. And of course, government only has the right to enforce the religious doctrines of which these folks and their leaders happen to approve.

The ultimate expose on the radical nature of our 44th president: “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and other Anti-American Extremists”

Organizations such as the Sojourners (founded by communist “reverend” Jim Wallis) and other SJC entities have been flexing their collective muscle since the election of Barack Obama as president. Most recently, a public service announcement campaign led by the Hollywood Adventist Church (don’t laugh; this is serious stuff) via New Name Pictures and entitled “I’m a Social Justice Christian” hit the Web, provoking the condemnation of those who, well, see social justice Christianity for what it is.

Why do I bring this up now – other than because social justice groups have been flexing that muscle lately? Because the methodology in play is precisely how the left corrupted the black community – through their pastors and their churches. In the 1960s, the church was still the bulwark of the black community. Marxists subverted black pastors, then interwove their (social justice) dogma into the Gospel.

It is the same creed that destroyed black families and the character of black Americans; now, the political left is mobilizing deluded Christians in the general population to do their malevolent bidding. President Obama’s “organizers” are capitalizing on the raw sensitivities of a largely white middle-class subgroup that has been browbeaten with charges of racism for years.

According to SJ Christians, in addition to oppressing minorities (though it remains a mystery as to precisely how), we are destroying the planet; these issues must be addressed decisively and with all due speed – by the federal government. First, it was necessary to advance the notion that the Earth’s atmosphere was going to flash off into space imminently, hence the climate-change fearmongering.

In addition to the discredited (and therefore dubious) evidence supporting climate-change theory, adherents to “environmental justice” wholly ignore the fact that we have managed to engineer automobiles that are exponentially more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than those produced in the 1970s, when the last environmental panic occurred. American industry has done likewise across the board, and environmental consciousness and our sense of stewardship of the Earth is at record levels across the political spectrum in America.


As with health-care reform, and automobile company and financial industry bailouts, many are aware that social and environmental “justice” issues are not about justice at all; they are calculated to deliver unprecedented levels of power to the federal government. I find it hard to believe that Obama’s former “green jobs” czar Van Jones gives a rip about the planet as he delivers adrenaline-saturated diatribes on how we’ve rammed it to Native Americans, screaming, Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth! Nor was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi concerned with immigrants when she recently told a group of Catholic priests that they should be preaching immigration reform from the pulpit.

In the case of black Americans, many fell prey to Black Liberation Theology, the communistic doctrine championed by President Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. This appealed to the frustration and anger perpetuated by those such as Wright and secular black activists. Other pastors were courted with fortune and glory (such as Rev. Jesse Jackson), as well as a seat at the progressives’ “round table.” These clergymen simply crafted their message into a political one and ran blacks’ faith into a theological cesspool. Black Americans have been pawns of the left ever since; to this day, most don’t even know it.

I declare that “social justice Christianity” is apostasy; its adherents have abandoned their faith for a cause, and their religion has become perfunctory and pretextual. While some are misguided Christians, others (like Jim Wallis) are out-and-out Marxist posers.

Proverbially, they now stand with the Sadducees and Rome, against Israel. While I pray that God will have mercy on their souls, we must show them no mercy politically. They are but another well-organized group of traitors to this nation.


05-21-2018 at 4:40 PM
Thank you. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
05-17-2018 at 4:55 PM
I suggest you use the search engine you have on your home page. Type in the word "Justice" then read the Word of Almighty God.
05-17-2018 at 6:28 AM
Bigots like you are the cause of the fall of Christianity in the US. You lack the self awareness to see it, choosing to cower in your so-called christianity and fear. You're fools.
05-16-2018 at 12:37 AM
Please, keep up this kind of rhetoric. You and the rest of your fellow Conservative Christians who spent years demonizing a good Christian president who was faithful to his wife and kids before supporting a porn-star schtupping "man," who believed private behavior mattered back in the 90s but not now, who want to fight against justice, all of you whose hypocrisy have been brought to the surface for all to see.... You bemoan the fact that more and more people are leaving the church, declaring themselves "nones" for non-affiliation, or straight out becoming atheists... All you have to do is look in your bathroom mirrors for the cause. We truly live in a wonderful age, where ugliness like yours that you try and pass off as being somehow religiously moral is recorded forever, letting the people see you as the shams you are. And I want to thank you. The sooner we get away from having "morals" dictated to us from a book written by Bronze-Age goat-herders, the better.
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May 14, 2018, 4:42 PM

Progresivism Affects Evangelical Seminaries, Including SBC

Excellent article about the sad direction that many evangelical seminaries are going....




Trusted SBC and PCA Seminaries Producing Sexual Minority Activists

5/12/ 2018

By Rev Thomas Littleton


As early as 2010 the “conversation” and the language on sexuality of the remaining biblically conservative churches began to show signs of impending derailment. The introduction of new phrases like “Same Sex Attracted (SSA)” and “Gay Celibate Christian” in reality betrayed a larger undercurrent intent on migrating the Christian churches toward affirmation of gay marriage and creation of a homosexual Christianity.  Few Christians, however, could imagine anything beyond procuring a more compassionate stance toward gays and lesbians or that the shift in language was motivated by a desire to present a more appealing public face to a more tolerant American culture. Another motive for accepting the carefully crafted terms and talking points has been the fear of lawsuits and the inevitable clash between the LGBTQ movement and religious liberty.

The Use of Queer Theory and  Gateway Rhetoric

We must now set these assumptions aside and face some hard facts, namely, that major institutions in the Southern Baptist Convention and Presbyterian Church of America are actually training LGBTQ activists and advocates for inclusion of sexual minorities in the churches – in ministry positions and even as “theologians” of LGBTQ and Queer Theory.


Introducing REVOICE 2018


Consider yourself invited to the next wave of LGBTQ advocacy which boldly proclaims it is “a new kind of conference promoting LGBT+ flourishing within historic Christian tradition.” The Revoice Conference will take place in St Louis, Missouri on July 26-28 and will be hosted by Memorial Presbyterian (PCA) Church. Among the scheduled speakers are Pastor Greg Johnson, an Old Testament Professor, and seven graduates or current students of Covenant Seminary (PCA) in St Louis.  Considering that Covenant Seminary is still regarded as the flagship institution of the trusted conservative PCA denomination, it is most disturbing that these young ministers, counselors and writers are self-identifying “LGBT+ Christians” and that they would invite us to “Come Belong in a New Conversation.”


Can we all join in a chorus of “What is happening in our seminaries?”???


In recent months I have written about the Social Gospel and Cultural Marxist/ Critical Theory infiltrating over a dozen Evangelical seminaries, including Covenant, by embedding a Social Justice Curriculum funded by the Kern Family Foundation and provided by the Acton Institute. The Revoice Conference hosted at Covenant Seminary will rapidly migrate to other Evangelical seminaries that use the Kern-Acton Curriculum and before long the churches will be embracing full blown heresy in the name of “LGBT+ flourishing.”


Queer Theory Workshop – Read it and Weep



Presenter: Grant Hartley


“For the sexual minority seeking to submit his or her life fully to Christ and to the historic Christian sexual ethic, queer culture presents a bit of a dilemma; rather than combing through and analyzing to find which parts are to be rejected, to be redeemed, or to be received with joy (Acts 17:16-34), Christians have often discarded the virtues of queer culture along with the vices, which leaves culturally connected Christian sexual minorities torn between two cultures, two histories, and two communities. So questions that have until now been largely unanswered remain: what does queer culture (and specifically, queer literature and theory) have to offer us who follow Christ? What queer treasure, honor, and glory will be brought into the New Jerusalem at the end of time (Revelation 21:24-26)?”


Other workshop topics include “Journey to Embrace: A Conversation on Empowering the Church to Embrace the LGBT+ Community in Fresh Ways” – “Building Justice Bridges: How Missiological Approach Shifts Our Posture and Reaches LGBT+ People” – “Sexual Minorites in Ministry” – “Making Church a Haven for Sexual Minorities: Thoughts for Church Leadership” – “So Why Can We Eat Shell Fish? A Look at Leviticus And How It Relates to Questions of Celibacy Today” – “Hurdles to Whole-Hearted Living: Emotional Health as Sexual Minorities” – “How To Become Churches Where LGBT+ People Can Find Family” and several more topics on the same victim narrative.


Social Justice and Liberation Theology must be driven by “victims” of the system it is engaged to change. Therefore, last month Evangelicals experienced a massive guilt-driven Racial /White Guilt frenzy at The Gospel Coalition MLK/50 Conference in Memphis. Then an activist-driven “MeToo” narrative, making an issue of false allegations against SBC Conservative icon, Paige Patterson, has continued for the last two weeks. Now, just in time for Gay Pride Month, we see the same Cultural Marxist talking points reaching a new high (or low depending on one’s perspective) with Revoice.


I first learned of the conference when a friend pointed it out to me in the event section of the UK “Gay Christian” group “Living Out” which has used a slightly less forceful narrative in years past but toward the same end – making safe spaces for LGBT persons in the Church. Tim Keller will be speaking on “Identity” at the Living Out Conference in London this summer and his “SSA Gay Christian” editor at The Gospel Coalition, Sam Allberry, is spreading the word about both conferences on social media.


ERLC and TGC Obsession With LGBT+ Christianity


In 2013, certain Southern Baptist and PCA organizations began to promote the acceptance of “Same-Sex Attracted” but “Celibate Christians.”  This category is based on the assertion that same sex desire is not sinful in itself, but that only acting upon the desire is sin. This mindset reveals a glaring ignorance of the nature of sin and defilement as explained by Jesus, in Matthew 15:1-20, when asked why his disciples did not observe ritual washing before eating. Jesus clarified that it is “what is in and comes out of the heart of man that defiles us.” Paul called homosexual lusts “vile affections” in Romans 1:26. James further warns us that “desire when it is conceived gives birth to sin and sin when it is full grown gives birth to death.” (Jas 1:15)


So, desire is the seed in the heart that if harbored gives birth to sin. We are told, however, in this “new conversation” that SSA or homosexual desire is not temptation to lust as other heterosexual desires are but that the issue is one of “Orientation,” which implies that God made a gay person to be gay and for the church to expect them to be changed by the Gospel is to reject God’s creation.


Albert Mohler, whose Southern Seminary plays a major role in the “new conversation” of all things LGBT+, has openly apologized to homosexuals, asserting that Baptists have had it wrong on orientation and that neither “Conversion Therapy” nor saving faith in Jesus changes a homosexual into a heterosexual.  Imagine, this is coming from one of the leading voices in Biblical Conservative Evangelical circles today.  Mohler protégé’ Russell Moore of the ERLC has been echoing this same powerless understanding of the Gospel for years and accusing those who choose a Biblical response to LGBT+, over his watered-down appeasement, of waging a culture war.


So, according to the Revoice Conference and “conversation invitation,” Christians are being asked to, not only abandon the concept of Biblical repentance, faith and conversion for gays and lesbians, but we are now informed that the church must begin the long and winding road of inclusion on whatever terms the self-proclaimed sexual minorities demand.  Mohler and Moore and Tim Keller and their organizations are telling us we must change. The Church must change because homosexual and lesbian desires are not changed by faith in Jesus.


Last year the bolder talking points came online when D.A. Carson, co-founder of TGC with Tim Keller, endorsed a book called “Single Gay Christian’ by Gregory Coles, who is also a speaker and worship leader at the Revoice Conference. According to Coles, “SSA” was suddenly no longer needed as a kinder gentler way of saying one could be both Gay and Christian. “Gay Christian”? Try the “Sin Substitution Test” of Peter Labarbera on that for a moment and see how it sounds. Try the “Gambling Christian,” “Adulterous Christian,” “Liar Christian” in your church and see if these concepts float!  Still, Carson’s endorsement of Coles’ book broke new ground with its inclusive “Gay Christian” language for TGC and its followers.


“To say this book is important is a painful understatement. It is the candid, moving, intensely personal story of a gay young man who wants to live his life under the authority of King Jesus and who refuses to accept the comforting answers proffered by different parts of the culture. Superbly written, this book stands athwart the shibboleths of our day and reminds us what submission to King Jesus looks like, what it feels like. This book needs to be thoughtfully read by straight people and by gay people, by unbelievers and by Christians. It is not to be read with a condescending smirk, but with humility.”


Keller has been drifting on the LGBT+ issue for some time now.  Coles is just one of the many “SSA/Gay but Celibate” Christians that he and TGC/ ERLC have forced into the conversation of the Church. Cole’s current field of study along with some other young sexual minorities in the Revoice conference should give pause for even the most fair-minded believer to take a close look at what is really going on in this broader movement marketed as a “conversation.”


According to his extended biography in the English Department at the Penn State College of Liberal Arts, “Greg specializes in Rhetoric and Composition. He is (currently) intrigued by the intersections of Burkean Theory and the marginalized rhetorics, including but not limited to feminist rhetorics, racial minority rhetorics, sexual minority rhetorics and non-Western rhetorics.”


Greg is not the first LGBT+ person with a background in Sexual Minority Rhetoric and Queer Theory to be selected and promoted into the conversation by TGC/ ERLC. Popular among many who follow these leaders is Rosaria Butterfield who was a liberal academic converted to the Reformed faith and is now a pastor’s wife and homeschool mom as well as a very popular speaker at most of the conferences held by these leaders. Her primary field of study in academia was Critical Theory and her specialty was Queer Theory. Given that Cultural Marxism and LGBTQ studies were Butterfield’s major fields before her conversion, we wonder how much these academic credentials had to do with her selection as a very popular writer and speaker on all things LGBT+, now given the emergence of Coles and the other well-educated speakers of Revoice.


Meet Nate Collins


The game changing revelation for the Revoice conference 2018 is the president of the organization and keynote speaker, Nate Collins.  Nate is a graduate of Albert Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, with a Master of Divinity degree and completing his Ph.D. in 2017. His father is Chip Collins former assistant Dean at Boyce College which is now operated by Southern Seminary under Al Mohler’s directive.  Nate and his dad Chip had an organization featuring their testimonies as father and son during Nate’s coming “out” as a homosexual at 19.  This ministry effort appears to be no longer active but new horizons await Nate and his wife Sara, also a speaker at the conference.  Nate self identifies as a homosexual Christian and is in a “mixed-orientation marriage” with two children. This is part of the new language TGC has been bringing into play since last year. Don’t feel badly if you have never heard terms like “Sexual Minority Christian” or “Mixed Orientation Marriage.”  For our enrichment and education these young LGBT+ Christians are prepared to bring us all up to speed on the preferred labels and their fluid, non-binary gender rhetoric of the day.


Nate Collins’ work at Southern Seminary included teaching of the New Testament and a comprehensive approach to studies in LGBT+ and Gender. He is currently working as  a Garrett Fellow grading and counseling and teaches for SBTS online . If his résumé was coming from Yale or Princeton or some seminary on the campus at Berkley, we would not be surprised.  But this young man received his theological education at Southern Seminary – whose president is the Conservative champion, Dr. Albert Mohler of the SBC – but Nate Collins’ Curriculum Vitae reads like the pedigree of a well-trained sexual minority rights advocate and activist.


His studies, writings and on campus instruction include titles and topics like:


The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Guest Lecturer – “Counseling and Sexuality” (2015)

Delivered 3 hours of guest lectures on the subject of LGBT and Christian Counseling


“Gender Identity and Multiplicity: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach In Christian Identity: Theological and Cultural Visions” (2018)


“All But Invisible: Exploring Identity Questions at the Intersection of

Faith, Gender, and Sexuality” (published in book form 2017)


“Secondary Gender Identities in the Biblical World”

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (2016)


“Theological Perspectives on Non-Straight Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Sanctification”

Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (2015)


Dissertation: “Virgin as Secondary Gender Identity in 1 Corinthians 7 and its Jewish and Greco-Roman Background”


There are more but you likely get the idea by now. This young man and young “minister” – who was theologically prepared by Dr. Mohler’s Southern Seminary – sees life, the church, the faith, his calling, and the Word of God all through the lens of his own sexuality, which he identities as  homosexuality. This is the single biggest flaw in the approach to having those with unresolved sexual conflicts to be the spokespersons and counselors to and for the church in the political and activist driven culture existing today.  The Church needs clarity on God’s design and personal testimonies of deliverance from the bondage of perversion. We need to see human proof like the demoniac of Gadara who was clothed and in his right mind after encountering Jesus, and then sent forth to evangelize the cities of the Decapolis. There are many wonderful testimonies of both lay Christians and ministers who have been transformed and converted by the power of the Gospel and Repentance and Faith in Christ.


Instead, Dr. Albert Mohler and Tim Keller are giving us Sexual Minorites who want to help us appease and accommodate them, so they as “LGBT+ Christians can Flourish within historic Christian traditions.” Perhaps this is what Tim Keller means when he speaks repeatedly about “Human Flourishing.”  It is certainly the background for the international Human Rights conversation on Thriving and Flourishing. The Church simply MUST acclimate and accommodate and learn to celebrate the destructive LGBT+ lifestyle. We must be prepared to celebrate, even when the thin veneer of celibacy evaporates and when the right to love who you love and marry who you love INSIDE the church prevails over the migrating talking points of today to the sexually liberated Christian, which the + (plus), added by Revoice, represents.


Whatever is coming – whatever the fluid world of gender revolution and free love brings our way – the church must learn to love IT!


To this end, it is supposed we are to have a sense of deep gratitude to Albert Mohler and Timothy Keller, Russell Moore and Ed Stetzer, D A Carson and Jonathan Merritt for helping train, indoctrinate and degree a generation of young sexual minorities eager to make their mark, at the churches expense. The doors open wide to the next innovative, witty and cleaver packaging of the perversion which sank ancient Greece and Rome as civilizations and proved divisive and ruinous over and over again to Israel. The Bible is explicit with condemnation of it’s long history of flirtation and adultery with idols and the sexual license their deviant worship provided. These men who serve as mentors are helping fulfill prophetic warnings, from the prophets to the Gospels to Revelation, as they seek to follow the path of Balaam, dance with Jezebel, convene the Synagogue of Satan, they lead the body of Christ away from her First Love and on to allowing Flourishing Sexual Minorities as priest and priestesses in the Temple of God.


Those who are sober enough to wonder what has brought this floodtide upon the Church need only look to our seminaries and the men that run them! As to the reasoning they are following or the reward they are reaping for doing so, we can only speculate. From Revelation 2 and 3 and from the prophets, and the Old and New Testaments, we CAN read the command of God concerning Judah’s unfaithful brother the northern kingdom.


“Ephraim is Joined unto Idols, Let Him Alone.” Hosea 4:17.


Pray, Beloved, as if our lives depend upon it.


“O Lord, hear; O Lord, forgive; O Lord, hearken and do; defer not, for thine own sake, O my God: for thy city and thy people are called by thy name.” Daniel 9:19


05-15-2018 at 9:34 AM
I want to thank you for establishing this website with the truth of what is happening in the SBC. I left the SBC as a pastor 6 years ago due to the influence of cultural Marxism and have stopped following all pastors who promote social justice as a substitute for the true gospel. Your efforts are highly commendable as you will come under the worst type of persecution for speaking out on this topic but I fear this is so an unstoppable train heading down the track where the bridge up ahead is out. Yo may slow this movement down some but millions of minds have been perverted due to the famous leaders who are promoting this sin. God bless you for your efforts. Your rewards in heaven will be great.
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May 2, 2018, 12:00 AM

Against the Anti-Gospel of the Social Justice Movement

Against the Anti-Gospel of the Social Justice Movement

Submitted by messenger Grady Arnold

Whereas the social justice movement and worldview are being promoted worldwide, and is being presented using various labels such as eco-justice, economic justice, racial justice, and global justice to name a few, and

Whereas social justice by definition is based on anti-biblical and destructive concepts of Marxist ideology, and among other things is interested in redistributing wealth, opportunity, and privileges within society, and

Whereas social justice activism should be considered evil in that it is a vehicle to promote abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, and a host of other ideas that are at antithetical to the gospel, the Christian worldview, and of God’s call to holiness (1 Peter 1:16), and

Whereas social justice is now being promoted and enforced by governments worldwide, with Canada being one example that as of 2011 developed Social Justice Tribunals, and is seeking to enforce Bill C-16, a bill passed in 2017 that in application sees it as a hate crime to use the wrong gender pronoun to describe an individual, and

Whereas social justice is deceptive, in that well-meaning Christians become unwittingly drawn into to such ideology under the false assumption that social justice equates to standing up for people’s rights and compassion, and

Whereas social justice is based on Marxism and Postmodernism, and should be opposed because of its antibiblical stance and worldview, but still Christians are attempting to blend social justice with Christianity, however they must realize that to accept social justice ideology is to invite liberal theology and liberation theology into our churches, schools, and institutions, and

Whereas authoritative voices have warned against such, for example on the May 2010 “Glenn Beck Program” when Jerry Falwell Jr., declared that social justice was “insidious,” and Glenn Beck warned of a “perversion of the gospel” and called on Christians to “run as fast as you can” away from churches who start teaching social justice because of the toxic nature of social justice, and

Whereas social justice is showing it’s true colors at George Washington University and other campuses in 2018 where they are holding classes and seminars seeking to combat “Christian Privilege,” and attacking Christianity for it’s prominence in society using the social justice ethic, wherein the seminar at GWU students are taught “American Christians receive things they don’t deserve and are not worthy of getting,” and

Whereas Southern Baptists ought to be further be warned by the example of the Methodist and Episcopal denominations that have already embraced the social justice movement, and instead of growing in number, these same denominations continue to lose membership at an alarmingly fast rate, and

Whereas we have a present crisis point in the Southern Baptist Convention, in that the same social justice has been recently defended and promoted by Russel Moore of the ERLC within the Southern Baptist Convention, with Dr. Moore writing multiple articles and hosting events promoting social justice, and

Whereas the social justice agenda in the Southern Baptist Convention has become pervasive in some seminaries and state conventions, even to the point that it is an apparently an unwritten rule not to speak against the social justice movement, or one’s job or position will be in jeopardy, and

Whereas we are repeatedly warned in Scripture concerning such error and being deceived, with Ephesians 5:6, Hebrews 13:9 and Colossians 2:8, and 1 Timothy 4:1 being just a few of these warnings, and

Whereas social justice and Christian ethics are clearly antithetical to each other in areas of tolerance, sexuality, gender, human life beginning at conception, and in general the role of a believer and the purpose for doing good works being to give glory to God, and

Whereas another place that social justice differs from the New Testament, is that social justice expresses compassion for certain groups they deem as “victims” while hating those with whom they disagree, rather than following the command of Christ to love everyone, and especially our enemies (Matt 5:44), and

Whereas social justice warriors routinely shut down speech that they disagree with, often with violence as part of their “social justice”, instead of “seeking to live at peace with all men” (Romans 12:18) and

Whereas social justice destroys people’s lives by having them to think of themselves as victims and take note of the most minor offenses and magnify them, and to note every disagreement or slight as a “micro aggression” and to complain rather than to obey scripture and to “count it all joy,” (James 1:2) and

Whereas true Christian theology builds people up to be resilient in the face of trials, but social justice seeks to stoke discontentment (1 Corinthians 10:10; Hebrews 13:5), and

Whereas our own denomination must reject social justice in it’s entirely, and

Whereas biblical doctrine and the Christian ethic must be chosen over social justice, then be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Dallas, Texas, June 12–13, 2018, decry and reject the terms and framework of social justice as insufficient to adequately reflect the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian worldview; and be it further

RESOLVED That the entries of the Southern Baptist Convention be encouraged to avoid the terms “social justice” and social justice warrior” when referring to Christian ethics or activism and that the Holy Scriptures be used as a guide without mimicking the verbiage of the antichristian social justice movement, and be it

RESOLVED That all SBC Colleges and Universities be encouraged to review their teaching programs with special attention given to Humanities Departments to ensure that Marxist based social justice is not being taught in our colleges, universities, and seminaries, and be it

RESOLVED, That we encourage churches in preaching, teaching, and in discipleship to address the issues of racial reconciliation, poverty, the environment, sexual and gender issues, immigration, and education from a Christian worldview and reject the ideological underpinnings and verbiage of the social justice movement.

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