For those of us who save good money by buying digital games – a constantly growing market – a new sheriff has arrived in the city. It’s the PlayStation card, a free card that offers a handful of advantages in the form of discounts and savings even on our direct debit bills.

Online contracting, five clicks and five minutes of time. The formula is simple: instead of recharging our virtual wallet, either from another card or through PayPal on the official website and going to Payment Management-, with this new alternative we receive credits on all purchases, for every euro spent, zero maintenance commissions or opening / cancellation, and the additional security offered by a debit, with anti-fraud coverage.

Triangle, circle, x’s, square

While we are still wondering if the future of gaming is streaming or what, and with the first tracks of a PlayStation 5 backwards compatible on the table – a tradition that was broken after 20 years of more or less compatible consoles – this PlayStation card, with which all digital purchases can be centralized, offers an interesting option.

Starting with the aesthetic section, you can choose between two personalised designs. Of course, decorated with the everlasting PlayStation symbols.

Did you know that the decision to use these four symbols was the brainchild of Tokio designer Teiyu Goto? His idea was to symbolize the point of view with the triangle, recreated with a green direction sign. The square would represent a folio, so we have a box for menus or access to documents. It was painted pink, evoking the salmon pages of the newspapers. Finally, the x and the circle mean yes and no, respectively, the buttons for making decisions reflected in red and blue.

Saving a Little Each Month

And if the central idea is to save by playing, with the purchase of this PlayStation card, once we make a purchase for an amount equal to or greater than €20 we will have immediate access to three months of free subscription to PlayStation Plus. Let’s not forget that PlayStation Plus is essential to play online on PS4.

In exchange, we get two free PS4 games every month and one PS Talents game, exclusive discounts for the “partners” of this service and 100 GB of cloud storage to save games. There are also small advantages such as download codes in games such as ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Apex Legends’, as well as access to promotions and contests in the PS Plus Rewards program. Gift games remain active for the duration of the subscription and can be downloaded during the first week of each month.

Although the most juicy advantage of this PlayStation card is not that: we return 0.5% of all purchases made with this card, plus another 0.5% for the direct debit of all our basic receipts, in the form of credit to PSN.

What receipts are these? Electricity, water, gas and telecommunications (telephone and Internet). The amounts are accumulated in monthly coupons as long as the minimum of 5 € has been reached. The maximum amount of credit for both concepts is limited to 500 €/year per holder.

Online service in an online world

It is clear that, given the launch of Stadia and the current movements of Microsoft where Sony has set aside all sorts of rivalry to build a common gaming community, online gaming seems to be a reality of the present rather than the future. Although the advantages are obvious: while DVDs pile up on rickety shelves, all the games bought with our account are associated and safeguarded to that digital profile, forever, to download them when we want.

As we said, if we like to have the games sorted by styles in the folders of the PS4 menu, with savings of 0.5%, little by little, we will notice an extra to spend on what we want. Let’s not forget that the PlayStation Store has more than 6,000 references. It’s hard to find something we don’t like.

And the final advantage, which we leave to close, is perhaps the most important for many players: security. In a credit card we have a monthly limit that can be emptied if someone kidnaps our card, and we do not come to realize. Have you ever been two hours waiting at the police station to report for data theft, plus the wait between canceling and receiving a new card? All this disappears with a debit card controlled with a simple click.

A debit card only has the credit we recharge. Perfect for online purchases, so we can get the exact amount of the purchase we are going to make.

Also, important is the guarantee of a priceless protected by anti-fraud coverage: if we suspect movements that are not our own, we can either call the service or block it online from the official website, even from the remote banking app. The PlayStation card aspires to become a standard, even willing to expand in the future, obtaining and adding new services to those mentioned.

PlayStation card arrives with three months free of PlayStation Plus and returns on purchases